Other Classes in Sculpture

Teacher Aides: Ceramics and Sculpture

(Grade 12;  4 periods/week and approval of instructor; 1/2 credit)

Overview: Teacher Aides are seniors who must have taken both sections of Ceramics and/or both sections of Sculpture before being considered as a TA. They spend 4 periods per week in the classroom. Two periods are for continuing the students personal investigation in a chosen medium and two periods are for in classroom assistance with a 7th or 8th grade class, Ceramics, Sculpture, Ceramics ll or Sculpture ll.

Teacher Aide Responsibilities: TA's are used in various ways within the department. They help with basic studio maintenance such as studio cleaning and maintenance of wheels, tools, brazing/welding area, wax area, inventory of materials and upkeep of equipment. TA's also assist in loading and unloading kilns as well as mixing recipe glazes, investment.

TA's are expected to continue creating their personal body of work. These objects are informed by the work they have made in previous years. Each TA has an area of expertise such as wax and bronze work, welding and brazing, clay modeling or plaster work. Each TA will lead several demos throughout the year based on their technical strengths. They also assist students during the class if the teacher is working with another student.

Sculpture II

(Grades 10-12; 2 periods/week and approval of instructor; prerequesite: Sculpture I; 1/3 credit)

The advanced sculptors deal with form and content issues and the particular direction that each assignment may take is directly evolved from the concerns and issues of professional artists: striving for clarity, making the technical and the meaterial appropriate to the idea and generally encouraging more informed choices through a succession of guided assignments or exercises. This course builds on the technical and aesthetic experience gained in Sculpture I. All media are available including steel , bronze, plaster wax, wood caly, etc. The critique is emphasized as a tool for evaluation and feedback.

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