Other Classes in Ceramics

Ceramics ll

(Grades 10-12; prerequisite: Ceramics; 2 periods per week; full year 1/3 credit)

Building on the foundation of Ceramics, students are challenged to expand their vocabulary of ceramic form and texture. Technical understanding of surface treatments and ceramic processes are emphasized as tools toward formal and conceptual success. Students have the opportunity to pursue more individual explorationin and will work with low fired clay and commercial glazes. The critique is emphasized for peer evaluation and feedback.

Independent Study: Ceramics

(Grades 10-12, By department approval; 1/3 credit)

Students develop, with their teacher, projects designed to address their individual needs and interests.

Teacher Aides: Ceramics and Sculpture

(Grade 12; 4 periods/week and approval of instructor; 1/2 credit)

Overview: Teacher Aides are juniors and seniors who must have taken both sections of Ceramics or Sculpture before being considered as a TA. They spend 4 periods a week in the classroom. Two periods are for continuing the students personal investigation in clay and two periods are for in classroom assistance with a 8th grade class, Ceramics, Sculpture, Ceramics ll or Sculpture ll.

Teacher Aide Responsibilities: TA's are used in various ways within the department. They help with basic studio maintenance such as studio cleaning (wheels, tools, glaze materials) and upkeep of equipment. TA's also assist in loading and unloading kilns as well as mixing recipe glazes.

TA's are expected to continue creating their personal body of work. These objects are informed by the work they have made in previous years. Each TA has an area of expertise such wheel throwing, slab building, teapots, or glazing. Each TA will lead several demos throughout the year based on their technical strengths. They also assist students during the class if the teacher is working with another student.